Title Agency for Real Estate Agents

Realtors and Attorneys, we understand that your choice of title company impacts your reputation and success. When searching for a title company, you want to ensure the best possible service for your clients.

Please know that you can count on Missi Kelsey and Kelsey Title Agency, to provide it.

On-Time Signings

Kelsey Title delivers timely and accurate title services to ensure that your signings happen on schedule.

Phone calls are returned as quickly as possible. Emails receive a timely response.

Contracts are acknowledged and delivered to all parties, along with escrow instructions usually within 24 hours.

Off-Site Signings

To make it more convenient for you, Kelsey Title offers offsite signing services for our clients at a mutually convenient location.

As a real estate agent, you know that transactions are not completed unless there is a clear title, the transaction has been funded, and the buyers have their keys. Do you know all that goes into that process? Chances are you’ve experienced bumps in the road in the final stages of a deal and know how stressful that can be for all parties. Kelsey Title Agency works to streamline the closing experience. We are experts at coordinating the exchange of paperwork and required disclosures, calculating prorated expenses, transferring and recording the deed and disbursing payment to the seller and ensuring that your commission is paid. As complex as real estate transactions are, Kelsey Title Agency will simplify the closing process for everyone involved.

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